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The advent of social websites left a remarkable impact on the lives of human beings all over the globe as they interact, plan, hangout and even marry. In our view we consider these websites as an institution in society like many others. Orkut, Facebook, AOL and many other websites are available where people meet with strangers share their thoughts and preferences. In the last decade Yahoo was the only medium that was mostly used for chatting throughout the world and it used to provide chatrooms of different flavors and origins. The features that was provided in Yahoo were awesome and we see that many of those features are still replicated in Skype chat rooms , Facebook chat room and many other websites that are available for chatting.
After becoming the President at Yahoo Inc. in July 2012, Marissa Mayer’s first decision was to shut down all yahoo chat rooms and that was nothing less than a bomb thrown on those who were accustomed, rather addicted to yahoo chat like many of us. A number of people criticized this decision and raised their voices to restore these chat room back but the decision is still in place.
This begot the need of alternative chat rooms which can provide, if not paralleled, a similar chatting place to those who still do not want to accept that Yahoo chatrooms are no more available. And since then a number of people or group pf people have developed these chat rooms which serve the purpose of chatting. Not all of them provide all those features that were the characteristics of Yahoo in the past. And that is the very reason that they not suit to the moods of many people. is one similar effort of providing a place to its users to chat and relax but this effort varies from other such efforts in a way that we developed this chat room on a notion that does not afford to compromise quality over quantity. We provide an unrivalled chat room which is second to none. We are ready to bear the opportunity cost of quality over the number of users. This chat room is developed only for those who need a place where they can interact with educated and knowledgeable users. Our aim is not to make this chat room more like an academic place but we ensure that only those people join us who are sensible and understand core values of their own culture of different places.
We do not charge our users with any fee to provide them a clean place so its 100% ensured that our chat rooms are free, live, up and running 24/7. We have qualified admins who are present to monitor all the situation and avoid abuses/abusers spammers and miscreants. At the moment we are focused on providing free chat rooms to our regional users i.e. the people of South Asia and we are in a hope that we will expand this to more regions and locations as we grow. We ensure that people avoid discussing grey areas of religion, politics, cultures and creed.
So enjoy our Desi chat room with people from USA , Canada, UK, Australia , and rest of the world. The literal meaning of Desi is local (from south-asian origin/region) with lovely music around the globe. Usually, Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi people are referred as Desi people. Pakistani chat rooms are divided into sub categories by city for instance Lahore chat room , Karachi chat room , Islamabad chat, Multan chat rooms, and Faisalabad chat rooms . Indian chat rooms are only limited to Delhi chat , Mumbai, and Punjabi chat rooms. Please do let us know if you think that there should be a separate room for your own city. Our online chat rooms are alternate to yahoo chat rooms.We have our own radio which plays music with the choice of our users (For sure you can also become an RJ/DJ).
Though we cannot prohibit but we strongly advise our users to avoid sharing their personal details with the strangers. In case of any problem we disclaim and disown any details that are shared among people in their personal capacity. I hope once you visit our room, you will love it and you keep visiting it.